Online Test Delivery

MetaCat Assessment Studio combines easy test creation with seamless online test delivery. Online test delivery is currently being implemented in the K-12 and higher education markets. Clients find our tools intuitive to use and have expressed preference for MetaCat over other tools available to them.

One client, the Illinois State Board of Education, used the MetaCat Assesment Studio from 2006- 2012 to provide online practice tests, delivering over 2 million tests each year. These practice tests, in reading, math and science, enable students to prepare for the Illinois Standard Achievement Tests.

Sample Item from an online practice test

For these practice tests, the questions and response options are delivered in random order and students can view immediate results. In the practice tests only attempted questions are scored and students can re-take the quizzes as much as they like. Teachers often work through the tests with their class, as well as give their students opportunities to practice during class time. We have received positive feedback from both parents and students.

MetaCat is used in higher education and has also has been used in a variety of state-wide testing projects, from delivering specific exams to field-testing forms. Tests have also been created in MetaCat that are then exported for paper/pencil delivery. With online testing, real-time report options include classical statistical item analysis and disaggregation of results by standards, grade level, gender, levels of complexity, etc., at the state, district, school and classroom levels.

MetaCat is perfect for pre- and post-testing and is often used to evaluate new curriculum.

Sample Real-time Reports:

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