Performance Evaluation

Using your evaluation forms and processes, and our technology and support, MetaCat's performance evaluation capabilities offer sophisticated performance evaluation solutions at affordable prices.

MetaCat's performance evaluation tools include with automatic reminders and real-time access to your data! MetaCat's features also provide for collaborative development of your key performance indicators. With MetaCat, is it easy to revise indicators and measurement strategies as processes change.

A client in the agriculture industry has been developing performance rubrics to be used with staff evaluations. They needed a custom tool that allowed managers across the country to view/edit and comment on the rubrics as they were being developed. MetaCat offered the perfect tool.

This screen shot demonstrates a search window for performance rubric development.
To access the rubrics under development, users click on a rubric, and then select from the themes
to review /edit the associated competencies and proficiency levels.

MetaCat custom performance evaluation solutions offer affordable, and more efficent alternatives to paper processes and spreadsheets.

Project Overview for Performance Rubric Development

The rubrics for each position (sales managers, agronomists, etc.) were divided into appropriate themes for the position. Each theme had various competencies to rate. MetaCat's ability to quickly establish custom content solutions was the ideal tool. We set up a solution that matched the draft rubric template (theme, competency, description, and proficiency levels) and uploaded the initial draft rubrics in less than 1 day.

Accounts for reviewers and editors were created and automatically emailed, inviting them to log in, review and edit/comment on the drafts. After a specified period, the initial reviewer accounts were disabled. A team of final editors then examined the input, feedback, and suggestions from the initial reviewers and made final edits. Once that step was complete, senior managers in the respective divisions were invited to examine and rate the existing rubrics as to their perceived effectiveness - using a likert scale rating component and comments. Senior managers had permission to offer feedback but did not have permission to edit the rubrics themselves.

MetaCat solutions include a variety of task-based viewing layouts.
This screen shot shows a partial table view.
All views can be customized to show/hide content, as well as print.

MetaCat enables quick setup of custom performance evaluation systems. It securely manages all content. With collaborative content development, MetaCat ensures that reviewers and editors are always working with the latest version.

With performance evalution implementation, MetaCat enables users to securely and confidentially submit their performance review materials. Managers can review and rate performance more consistently and fairly using well-developed performance review criteria.

Examples of Solutions
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