MetaLogic's SaaS solutions are developed with MetaCat's powerful capabilities such as:

  1. Customized workflow supporting highly-disciplined approaches to content management.
  2. Fine-grained security and permissions management.
  3. Real-time adaptations which enables rapid customization capabilities.
  4. Advanced retrieval and cataloging functions with multiple viewing techniques and powerful data manipulation tools.
  5. Software that has passed 3rd party penetration and vulnerability testing.

MetaCat® Assessment Studio:

The MetaCat Assessment Studio offers a full-service assessment platform with powerful capabilities at affordable prices. Tools can be seamlessly integrated or used independently. Pay for only the tools you need, for as long as you need them. Export content at any time. These tools are implemented in higher education, K-12 and the professional certification and licensure markets.

MetaCat® Risk Management Platform:

The MetaCat Risk Management Platform is a comprehensive platform to help reduce your company's risk profile. Manage vendors, contraacts, documents, issues, breachs, events, audits, policies and more. Smart guides help assess vendor risk and help comply with regulations. MetaCat Risk Management is pre-configured and ready to go! Data and Processes are easily configurable and extensible to meet the needs of your company.

MetaCat® Custom Solutions

Not finding a tool that suits your needs? Consider MetaCat's custom solutions. We can create collaborative content management solutions quickly and affordably. Let us tailor a solution for you!

MetaCat® Interactive Learning Solutions

MetaLogic offers the the Assessment Tools and Custom Solutions described above for use in higher education courses, research projects or professional development workshops.