Collaborative Research

MetaCat's sophsticated data collection and reporting tools offer easy custom data collection, tracking and real-time reporting tools for use in business and education. Metacat research tools can be branded and embedded in company and educational websites.

MetaCat data collection tools are ideal for:

MetaCat research tools are ideal for classroom use to enable student and classroom-based custom research projects. In an example educational project, teams of students have been tracking the average monthly prices of gasoline around the country.

A MetaCat real-time report comparing the increase in gas prices over time.

Students gather gas prices in their cities and, as a class exercise, calculate the average monthly price. The calculated average price and associated location are then entered into a central data tracking repository by an authorized person. Users with permissions can view the data in real-time using a variety of data visualization techniques. An example real-time report is shown above.

Examples of Solutions
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