Training & Teaching Materials

MetaCat can enable your teams to create, maintain and distribute custom training and teaching resources. MetaCat offers the ability to design the content layout, develop the content under secure permission control, disseminate the content when ready, and then easily maintain and update content as feedback informs.

MetaCat provided the technology for the Council of Chief State School Officers to create searchable sets of instructional units designed for professional development of classroom teachers. The units were designed by experts to demonstrate alignment of instruction and assessment with standards. They incorporate sophisticated features such as scaffolded lesson plans with embedded assessments and scored student work, which illustrates MetaCat's sophisticated capabilities. Units are maintained by teams with secure permissioning and workflow.

Above is a screen shot of the introductory page of a sample unit, called Liberty and Citizenship.
The sections were designed by the development team and evolved over time based on feedback.

The screen shot below is taken from lesson 1 of another unit called Culture and Civilization.

Lessons include links to samples of scored student work stored in media libraries. Teachers can upload student work which can be evaluated by a review team for inclusion into a unit. The screen shot above illustrates a dynamic search link to student work that has been embedded in a lesson. When the search link is clicked, the search results are displayed in an inner window, as shown.

Examples of Solutions
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