Custom Solutions

MetaLogic specializes in rapid application development of online solutions and we would like to help you! Our platform can be quickly customized to meet your content management needs. MetaCat incorporates re-useable, configurable web interface components, a custom Java-based application server and a realtime-configurable database model. Solution options include hosting in certified data centers with high availability.

We work closely with clients throughout the life of the project. We discuss the details of what is needed, by whom, and for how long. MetaCat project managers can often work up an initial project in just a few days.

Clients are integral in evaluating the project during implementation as well as after deployment. As projects progress, many adjustments can be made in real-time. In some cases, it may take a day or two.

In addition to providing quality solutions, we are also known for our quality support. We really care about our clients and their success!

To see if a MetaCat custom solution might be right for your project, please contact us at

Options include:

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