Standards Revision

MetaCat offers the perfect tools to implement and manage complex, multi-year projects, such as standards review and revisions. Projects are easily adapted as phases progress and workflow management needs change. MetaCat provides efficient implementation using a centralized repository and ensures users are always working with the latest version of content. Once projects are complete, MetaCat is a perfect hosting tool for ongoing dissemination to the intended audience.

One client in the education sector was undergoing standards revisions and needed an affordable solution. They chose MetaCat as their custom, collaborative content management tool.

Screen shot of the Standards Search Window with access to the revised standards.
Users select a career cluster and then career pathways to view the standards.

Project Overview for Standards Development and Review

In phase I of the project, with MetaCat's mass emailing tool, thousands of subject matter experts across the country were invited to view, edit and comment on standards in their respective areas of expertise. The project manager greatly appreciated knowing all the content was managed in a central repository and that editors were always working with the latest version.

The custom standards review solution was intially created in about 5 days. Existing standards were imported for 96 career clusters and cluster pathways. MetaCat's fine-grained security provided the experts with the ability to comment and rate the standards, but not edit the actual standards or performance indicators. After a 60-day period of initial review and comments, the subject matter expert accounts were disabled. A small team of editors, with appropriate permissions, revised the standards over several months, based on feedback. When finished, another 60-day round of national review occurred, engaging over 1600 subject matter experts in reviewing and commenting on the newest revisions.

After the standards were finalized, they became accessible to end users, with the option to export the standards in CSV format.

MetaCat List View displays the standards in a vertical scrolling list. Views can be
customized to show/hide content, printed, or opened in Excel.

MetaCat Slide View displays one standard at a time.

Examples of Solutions
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